From right: Din Tan Yong Chia (Managing Director, Thai Odyssey), Ruengratt Adhikari (Minister Counsellor, Ministry of Labour Thailand), Dararat Kesontham (Counsellor, Ministry of Labour Thailand).

Din Tan is Ministry of Labour Thailand’s Advisor

Din Tan of Thai Odyssey appointed as the Honorary Advisor by Thailand's Ministry of Labour, fostering collaboration for skilled workforce development and labour policies. Explore the impact on Thai talent recruitment, economic benefits, and the exciting partnership's potential.


Recently in November 2023, a significant event took place at Thai Odyssey Headquarters where Minister Counsellor Mrs. Ruengratt Adhikari and her team from the Ministry of Labour Thailand conducted a private ceremony. The purpose of their visit was to present a certificate to Mr. Din Tan Yong Chia, the Managing Director of Thai Odyssey, officially appointing him as the "Honorary Advisor to the Office of Labour Affairs in Malaysia." The appointment, signed by Permanent Secretary Mr. Boonchob Suthamanuswong on June 9, 2023, is a unique recognition as Mr. Din Tan is the only Malaysian to receive this prestigious title.

Mr. Din Tan expressed his thrill about the appointment and to working closely with the Ministry of Labour Thailand in this meaningful partnership where it will foster a positive exchange of ideas and strategies for the mutual benefits of both parties. As the newly appointed Advisor to the Office of Labour Affairs in Malaysia, Mr. Din Tan leverages on his extensive experience to contributing his leadership in ensuring the sustainability of the Thai workforce. This involves maintaining a balance between the demand for Thai talents and their overall welfare.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Labour Thailand expressed excitement about having Mr. Din Tan onboard as an advisor. His insights, particularly in matters related to the future recruitment of professional and skilled Thai workers, would contribute significantly. Thai Odyssey, the largest spa chain in Malaysia, has played a crucial role in recruiting talented individuals skilled in massage therapy. The company has built a strong team of highly proficient Thai trainers, many of whom have been in Malaysia for over a decade.

Apart from being the employer of choice in Malaysia, Thai Odyssey is committed to providing a friendly and stable work environment. This commitment encompasses a safe onboarding process, continuous training and learning opportunities, comfortable accommodation, transportation between work and hostel, as well as attractive commissions and staff benefits.

In recent developments, Thai Odyssey has implemented group insurance to enhance the well-being of its workers. Additionally, the recruitment of Thai labour by Thai Odyssey has significantly contributed to the economic benefit by providing competitive wages to foreign talents. This, in turn, has inspired local individuals to explore opportunities to acquire these valuable skills, contributing to the overall growth of the industry and fulfilling the demand for skilled professionals. Mr. Din Tan aims to influence labour policies and act as a bridge between nations, fostering collaboration and understanding in the realm of labour policies.

From right: Supranee Pornsathakul (Head of Therapist, Thai Odyssey), Din Tan Yong Chia (Managing Director, Thai Odyssey), Ruengratt Adhikari (Minister Counsellor, Ministry of Labour Thailand), Samantha Tan (Director of Sales and Marketing, Thai Odyssey), Dararat Kesontham (Counsellor, Ministry of Labour Thailand), Shanee Ng (Senior Manager of Sales, Thai Odyssey).